Frequently Asked Questions

What is bodyLIFE-India?

Since its launch in 2001, the European magazine bodyLIFE (, has remained the best-known professional fitness magazine in the continent’s sports clubs and fitness studios, and a leading player in the fitness and wellness market. bodyLIFE is now published in seven languages in 10 countries and has already set standards for Europe’s fitness trends.
bodyLIFE-India is the latest member of that family of successful fitness trade magazines. It is a bi-monthly magazine in English for the burgeoning fitness and wellness sectors in the country.

What is the readership profile of bodyLIFE?

The Indian edition of bodyLIFE  addresses all three key segments:

  • Fitness centres: at home and in medium- and large-scale housing projects, hotels and clubs;
  • Institutional: commercial gyms and studios, corporate wellness programmes, sports specialisation and medical fitness centres;
  • Educational: training and certification of health and fitness professionals in clubs, gym chains, universities and franchisees, to meet the increasing demand for qualified workforce in the expanding industry.
What is the content profile (editorial & advertising) of the magazine?

bodyLIFE-India, like its counterparts across Europe and now China, will provide useful, relevant and unique content for the fitness industry aimed at:

  • Sustainable revenue generation and identification of potential;
  • Investing in technology and equipment appropriate to market needs;
  • Maintenance of properties, equipment and other assets;
  • Developing and choosing relevant training and fitness content;
  • Membership building and retention with the help of perks and incentives;
  • Information on education, training and certification of industry professionals;
  • Enhancing services to improve client experience;
  • Upgrading through continuing education and re-training;
  • Information on dealing with special populations: the elderly, sick/obese children and the physically challenged;
  • Improving financial, material and HR management of fitness organisations;
  • Keeping readers abreast of the news and trends in the industry worldwide.
How is bodyLIFE Indian edition unique in the country?

It is the only magazine that seeks to connect:

  • Experienced players with aspiring entrepreneurs;
  • Gym/ club owners with potential resources;
  • Established brands with franchise-seekers;
  • Fitness experts with certified trainers;
  • Equipment makers and suppliers with potential clients;
  • Management software with training hardware;
  • Educational agencies with career-seekers & students.
What will the magazine offer its readers in India?

It is a high-quality magazine: up-market, but popular and easy to read. It carries independent and dependable reports on trends and developments, in fitness, wellness and related markets. Extensive market surveys and product focus articles aim to help improve its readers’ business decisions.

Who are the people behind bodyLIFE?

bodyLIFE-India is a joint venture of Health and Beauty (HaB) in Ettlingen, Germany, and Pradeep Devaiah & Associates (PDA) Trade Fairs in Bangalore, India. The magazine also supports bodyLIFE-India Expo, the only truly international B2B exhibition for the fitness and wellness sector in the country.

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