GUN-eX wants India ‘Gunning’ with the world

For a decade nogunexw Jan Marvan, a former professional cyclist, and his team of experts (ice hockey, professional athletes, trainers, physiotherapists and engineers) have been manufacturing and marketing their training tool, Cobra, a long and heavy elastic battle rope with countless applications and exercises.

Training with Cobra has turned out to be among the best and most beneficial training methods to prepare the body and all muscles for a hard season of professional athletes. It has become an immediate and everyday training tool of dozens of professional athletes, army formations and sports clubs around the world.

The Cobra-based GUN-eX programme has proved to be the most durable resistance training “partner” for everybody — Special Forces training centres to gyms to boot camp organisers. All products and accessories are designed in the US and exclusively made in Europe.

Apart from Cobra, GUN-eX also has Rocket, Quattro and Core-Machine training tools and programmes to develop complex physical skills: strength, power, speed, dynamics, agility, reaction, acceleration, core, stability, coordination and balance. Gunning group training with Cobra ropes is running in many countries as a perfect high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for all its user.

GUN-eX also provides training education for coaches and trainers, along with branded clothing and training gear. These products and programmes are for indoor and outdoor use.

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