Technogym’s SkillMill helps athleles performance training


Technogym, the leading producer of design and technology-driven fitness equipment and solutions, recently announced the launch of SkillMill, the first non-motorised product that combines power, speed, stamina and agility training.

It is the ideal training solution for sports professionals and ‘every day’ athletes who are dedicated to their fitness and improving their sporting performance.

The result of Technogym’s 20-year experience as official fitness equipment supplier to the Olympics, this is the first machine to allow everyday athletes to improve their power, speed, stamina and agility in a single product.

Safe, engaging and effective, it offers all the benefits of professional sports training. This unique solution boasts a huge variety of workout routines to train the entire body, allowing your members to train like athletes for peak performance.

The use of this equipment quickly improves ones performance through training skills in power, speed, stamina and agility. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) on it is an effective way to achieve maximum fitness, burn fat and build endurance.

Athletic performance training hones the user’s ability to carry out complex movements and helps improve muscular coordination. Routines comprise a full mix of fundamental movements, progressing through simple to more difficult exercises to obtain lasting benefits, both in terms of athletic performance and in everyday life.

Thanks to an ergonomic design concept which promotes a naturally correct posture throughout all training routines it is totally safe. The user can monitor their vital parameters during high intensity training on its Connect and Console, obtaining real-time data via Bluetooth.

Class Training

The class training solution is ideal for operators of high-energy fitness studios looking for innovative performance-oriented programming. Members are organised in large groups and work together as a team, bonding over the rigor of training like professional athletes.

Under the trainer’s supervision, participants perform complete functional sessions that help them become stronger, faster, leaner and more agile.

The small group training solution allows a higher level of personalization and is therefore ideal for smaller groups, as in personal training, strength and conditioning and rehabilitation. Trainers can deliver varied training experiences aimed at improving sports performance, power, speed, stamina and agility in a motivating environment.

The virtual training solution is ideal for operators wanting to increase their service offer and maximize usage during non-supervised hours. Users can choose from a set of virtual training video programs either individually or as part of a class.

Athletic performance training with its Console allows users to constantly monitor their workout parameters during exercise thanks to an on-board computer. A clear display with a touch-sensitive keypad features all the data required to ensure a safe session.

Easy Operation

Electro-myography studies reveal a higher activation of the posterior chain, in particular glutes and hamstrings, compared to traditional treadmills, while the sled pushing exercise shows levels of activations as high as glute targeted strength exercises such as squats or dead lifts.

The equipment is operated and controlled by the force applied exclusively by the user, making this an ideal solution for a sustainable facility, helping reduce electricity costs and carbon footprint. To speed up, one moves to the front of the surface and to slow down, one moves to the back.

It offers a range of connectivity options to maximize performance and results with complete safety, and is fully integrated within ‘mywellness’, Technogym’s cloud-based training platform. Alongside the specifically designed programmes, it is also ideal for athletic training.

As official supplier to five Olympic Games and partner to the world’s best performing teams and athletes, Technogym has first-hand experience in the training methods and systems of thousands of worldwide sports champions in over 100 different disciplines.

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