Matrix gives fresh incline to familiar practices


The Johnny G In-Trinity Board by Matrix is an innovative incline training platform that builds strength, deepens flexibility, and improves balance, coordination and agility. It presents the unique opportunity for movement below the board, which allows users to train more deeply and in ways never possible before.

In-Trinity training is an exciting and original exercise modality that breathes new life into traditional practices. The expansive In-Trinity programming draws from traditional disciplines, including yoga and martial arts, to create a vast body of exercises that promote physical wellness as well as mindfulness.

The incredibly versatile board is a refreshing complement to existing exercise protocols and presents opportunity to enhance and re-imagine a variety of training regimens or independent exercise. The simplicity of the In-Trinity board belies the depth of its versatility and functionality.


Group Exercise

The In-Trinity board doesn’t fit neatly into a standard product category. There is no motor, no moving parts and no weights to adjust. Instead, it is a raised, slanted platform that is completely different from anything seen before.

Matrix partnered with fitness industry game-changer, Johnny G, the man who revolutionised group exercise by introducing his indoor cycling workout called Spinning. Previously, this collaboration had brought the world Kranking, a unique upper-body cardio workout.

In-Trinity is the second venture and the first bodyweight training product for both. The “machine” appears as a sloped, hourglass platform with sticks and straps as accessories, but its simplicity belies its genius. The raised platform enables negative-space movement, which extends the range of motion for existing exercises and introduces brand new options.

Adding incline and decline to traditional bodyweight disciplines also dramatically changes the challenge of specific movements and offers greater opportunity for modifications that personalise the practice.

Johnny first conceived the possibility of practicing on a sloped surface while napping on the riverside in Brazil. As he stretched upon awaking, he realised that the undulations of the earth offered greater opportunity than a regular flat floor. Inspired, he began experimenting at home.

His ideas went through several fine tunings before he arrived at what he considered the ideal shape and incline. His innate curiosity and tenacity led to a final product that feels infinitely comfortable and natural.

Johnny mobilized his team and challenged them to put the same effort into the accessories. The board offered tremendous potential, but they realised that individuals could experience more variety and realize more benefit by using tools that could alter the natural bodyweight resistance or balance.

He also wanted the tools to work in both directions, giving users the option to make certain movements harder or easier depending on their bodies and circumstances. And yet he didn’t want to clutter the experience with too many accessories that would disrupt the flow of a workout or create storage problems.

The straps add resistance, which can add challenge or support, depending on the exercise. The sticks serve as extensions of the arms. Again, whether this provides an assist or additional complexity depends on the movement and the individual.

Thus, the accessories, while expanding the In-Trinity repertoire, also facilitate workout individualization. It is new, and makes familiar protocols feel new – all by adding a perfect incline to the practice area.


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