70% exhibition space already sold out

Only two months left for bodyLIFE-India Expo 2016, in Bangalore


What the Olympics has done is to once again create an awareness about the need for health and fitness, as well as provide the motivation and impetus for everyone, especially the youth, to aspire for new levels of fitness.

bodyLife seeks to ride on this wave to bring an Expo that reaches new heights and put out on display the latest cutting edge technology in the field of fitness and health.

The response from exhibitors, who realise the importance of riding this wave, has been tremendous till date, with already more than 70% of the exhibition space being sold out. Exhibitors from the US, China, Taiwan and India have so far confirmed participation.

According to Mr. Sumit Kalra, Managing Director of Chennai-based Afton Health and Fitness Equipment, Bangalore is ideally located to cater to a booming market in peninsular India. South India probably has the highest density of fitness professionals concentrated in a relatively small geographical area.

“Peninsular India has a higher per capita income. For the fitness industry, there is a huge demand from the home, gym and corporate segments. So holding the Expo in Bangalore means reaching out to maximum buyers. Visitors can meet multiple vendors and service providers in one central location,” Sumit feels.

For gym owners and trainers in Chennai, Hyderabad and Kochi, Bangalore is within easy reach. The same holds true for procurement heads in the housing construction industry and hospitality and resorts businesses.

“Peninsular India has many advantages that can help the fitness industry grow,” he told bodyLIFE, “One of them is the ease of accessibility to ports for imports. Another is the fact of the exponential growth of markets in Tier-II and Tier-III cities and towns across a relatively small geography.”


Fitness Revolution

India is currently on the cusp of a fitness revolution and the figures speak for themselves. The industry is currently estimated to be Rs. 4,500 crore and is seeing and annual growth of 18.6%, and is expected to cross Rs. 7,000 crore by 2017.

The next decade is expected to witness a transformation of India’s youth, comprising 53% of the total population, leading to opening up of the market as everyone in this age group wants to be physically and mentally fit and look and feel good.

Says Mr. Najeeb Aga, owner of Bangalore’s Energy Fitness gym, the Expo in the city will enthuse gym owners, managers and trainers alike. “Bangalore is headed to become the health capital of India: it has shown great growth, talent and results. The Expo will be an encouraging and good opportunity  for all fitness industry professionals to converge on the Expo,” he feels.

The Expo will be held 4-6 November, at the White Orchid Convention Centre on the Outer Ring Road, near Manyata Tech Park.

Mr. Devrath Vijay, co-owner of The Outfit Gym, also in Bangalore, has been a Master Trainer for the Germany-based International Fitness and Aerobics Academy (IFAA), and has attended both the bodyLIFE-India Expos. He is excited about the Expo being held in Bangalore.

“Bangalore makes sense because it is cosmopolitan and has a high percentage of well-educated fitness professionals. It is within easy travelling distance from other places in South India. The market here is also very open to new techniques, concepts and ideas. Visitors are sure to benefit,” he says.

The fitness industry is heading for a big boom in Bangalore, says Mr. Steve S. Deva, owner of Steve’s Gym chain in Bangalore. Another 1,000 new fitness centres (stand alone and corporate gyms and clubs in the housing sector) will be established by the year 2020.

“The launch of the bodyLIFE Expo in Bangalore comes at the right time. bodyLIFE magazine is also a blessing: the content helps us stay clued to new fitness trends and what is happening in the industry,” Steve adds. Membership at his gyms has grown 45% over the last 2 years, mainly in the age group of 25-45 years.

As per a KPMG report on the industry, in 2015 the number of health centres, fitness clubs, and workout studios had reached approximately 20,000. The figure is expected to be continually increasing in the coming years.

The members of commercial fitness clubs in 5 years is predicted to reach 3% of the Indian population, and it is estimated that about 3.6 crore individuals will go to gyms regularly at the time.


Expo Promotion

With such a favourable climate the bodyLIFE Expo team is leaving no stone unturned to ensure a never-seen-before exhibition that will set a new benchmark.

To ensure that  the message  percolates down to  every  person related to the industry, it has launched a dedicated marketing campaign, using all key promotional channels (email, SMS, radio, print advertising,  digital marketing, telemarketing, direct mail and public relations) to ensure the right visitor profile. Focus will also on paid promotions in social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

A poster campaign has been planned to promote the exhibition and fitness competition in over 5,000 gyms in the cities of Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin and Bangalore, and mobile display vans will be deployed to advertise and promote the exhibition.

Simultaneously, a campaign to attract procurement heads from the construction and hospitality industries in South India is underway. Campaigns targeting trainers and facility managers from corporate gyms have also been put into action.

Gympik’s association with bodyLIFE, as one of our online media partners, will allow access to the 20,000 gyms and the 9,000 fitness trainers on its list, and a dedicated campaign will be carried out to ensure maximum participation from this group.


Contests for Trainers

Among the special features planned are ‘Mr. bodyLIFE’ and ‘Ms. bodyLIFE’ contests that aims to attract professional fitness trainers and fitness enthusiasts, under the theme of “Physique with Function”.

The contestants are required to undergo fitness and personality tests and display an aesthetic body. Details are to be announced soon in this magazine, on www.bodylifeexpo.com, on Facebook and other digital platforms.

The congress and convention at the Expo this year will feature panel discussions on growing the business and sustainability, improving industry service standards and establishing benchmarks. The congress will have workshops for owners and fitness facility managers, trainers and nutritionists, and will be one of the events that participants can look forward to.

The Germany-based International Fitness and Aerobics Academy (IFAA) is a 32-year-old, well-known academy for personal trainers, instructors, gym managers, business owners and fitness enthusiasts.

It plans to invite Master Trainers from all around the world to organise its personal trainer Summit and group fitness Explosion. IFAA will also conduct workshops on postural assessment and metabolic mixers. This is done with the aim of educating, training and upgrading fitness knowledge among trainers through lecture-demonstrations (www.ifaa-india.com).

With all the new features and special programmes planned for the Expo, it promises to be an exciting event that will provide the much needed fillip to the wellness industry.

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