Afton introduces reliable BMI analyser


A body fat analyser that is accurate, easy to use and one that provides a detailed printout to your members data that they can understand, is an integral requirement of any gym or fitness centre. If you can measure your members’ body fat you will be able to help them manage it and see visible and measureable results.

Most of the existing analysers — with the same features as the Afton body composition analyser — are extremely expensive and complicated to use. The Afton, however, is affordable and has a simple user interface.

It connects to the PC via a Bluetooth dongle (provided) and charges with a regular micro-USB charger. It provides detailed printouts and saves user data in the PC or on the mobile, through an app available in the Android play store as a free download.


Detailed Analysis

The machine provides all the information you need to assess body composition: weight (kg), BMI (body mass index), TBF (total body fluid) percentage, FM (fat mass), FMI (fat mass index), FFM (fat-free mass), FFMI (fat-free mass index), ratio of fat and SM, VFI (visceral fat index), TBW (total body water) percentage, SM (skeletal mass) percentage, BMC (bone mineral content) in kg, BMR (basal metabolic rate) in Kcal/day, overall score, body bio-age, and body balance.

The user interface is simple and smart. English spoken commands are loud and clear, instructing the member when to stand and hold still to take an accurate weight and body composition reading. Once the reading is taken a printout can be obtained from the existing PC printer.

You do not need to buy separate expensive thermal paper, as is required in other models. Your regular printer can also be used to generate colour or black-and-white reports.

An existing micro-USB charger can be used to charge the body fat analyser’s Lithium Ion (3.7 800 mAh) battery. Once the green light is on, it is the indicator that the scale is ready for use.

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