New on the block: S-Drive performance trainer


Equally at home in elite athletic training facilities, the new S-Drive performance trainer from Matrix combines the benefits of weighted sleds, resistance parachutes and harness systems, all in one space-saving footprint.

It includes a sled brake, parachute brake, adjustable harness, built-in sled-push bar, full perimeter handrails, low step-on height, low-inertia design, heavy-duty deck and a 7-degree incline ideal for building strength and explosiveness.

This multi-purpose piece of equipment can help users of all ability levels get an intense workout and refine their form with precise, immediate feedback from instructors. As it is cord-free there’s no need to plug it in and can place be placed wherever it works best.

“The S-Drive performance trainer is truly unlike anything else on the market today,” says Mr. Mark Zabel, vice-president of global marketing for Johnson Health Tech. “We worked with some of the world’s most demanding coaches and athletes to understand their needs and deliver a product that exceeds their expectations by developing exercise protocols to support sprinting, sled pushing, and agility work.”

The versatility of the S-Drive allows coaches to deliver intense sprinting and sled-pushing workouts to athletes while being able to stand alongside them to provide immediate feedback. It also complements small group training circuits by allowing several different exercises to be completed in tight spaces.


Resistance Programmes

For sprinting, a parachute brake with eleven resistance levels simulates outdoor parachute resistance, while an adjustable harness allows users a complete range of upper body motion while helping coaches observe multiple sprint phases.

The built-in 7-degree fixed incline helps build strength and explosiveness in sprinters without changing the athlete’s natural gait, and no preset belt speeds mean that users can match their workout to their personal needs and fitness goals.

The low-inertia design with true-to-life ground reaction force and quick deceleration enables high intensity interval training. To mimic a true-to-life experience of pushing up to 122.5 kg on natural turf, the performance trainer features a dedicated sled bar combined with a sled brake with eight resistance settings.

Additionally, field testing has shown that (based on electro-myography results) it can be used in place of the traditional sled pushing and sprinting over ground. This means that athletes can achieve the same muscle activation on the S-Drive without the need for excess track or field space.

Athletes can perform forward, lateral or reverse movements to maximize neuro-muscular development and enhance agility. Full-length handrails offer stability as users switch rapidly from one phase of athletic movement to the next.


Product Highlights

  • Sled brake with eight settings provides a true-to-life experience
  • Parachute brake with 11 settings gives users real resistance
  • Sled/ parachute brakes can be used individually or together
  • Adjustable harness allows complete upper-body movements
  • Built-in bar simulates sled pushing/pulling
  • 7-degree incline for building strength and explosiveness in sprint training
  • Full perimeter handrails offer easy entry/ exit, support lateral movement
  • Low-inertia design allows sustained acceleration, quick deceleration
  • Heavy-duty deck stands up to the most intense workouts
  • Self-powered design makes it easy to place the unit anywhere in gym
  • 19 cm step-on height offers easy access for users of all types.


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