Trifocus launched as online fitness academy


Keeping in mind the growing awareness of the importance of health and fitness among Indians and its enormous scope and potential, an online fitness portal for trainers, Trifocus Fitness Academy, was launched in Mumbai in early June this year.
The portal offers a wide range of fitness courses that are extremely informative, easy to learn and affordable, and targets fitness industry aspirants coming from remote villages to developed cities of the country.
According to Mr. Rajesh Rai of Jerai Fitness, “Trifocus Fitness Academy is part of a movement conceptualised to create awareness of the imperative need of a healthy and fit India and is aptly named ‘My Swastha Bharat Movement’.” The new academy is being co-promoted by Jerai Fitness, Evolution Sports Nutrition and BodyPower.
The online courses, certified by South Africa-based Register of Exercise Professionals (REP), consist of an array of fitness courses, demonstration videos and illustrations and online assessments.
“REP’s certification would help our candidates get lucrative placement opportunities from all over the world. Our thrust would be on grooming young girls who are keen to become fitness training professionals,” Rajesh said.
There is a steep rise in disposable incomes of young professionals and parallel the desire to adopt a preventive approach to healthcare, he said, adding that it has led to an increase in demand of well-trained and qualified health and fitness trainers in the country.

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