Europe Active elects standards panel


The Standards Council was established in 2008 with the goal of being an independent organisation that is able to provide strategic advice to and highlight approaches to EuropeActive (formerly EHFA) concerning standards for people, programmes and locations in the European fitness and exercise sector.

Over the course of the last seven years, the council has been very successful and achieved results that have exceeded the expectations. In a next step, the Professional Standards Committee is now ready to introduce and distribute these products. The goal is to be the

leading organisation with the development of the professional profiles and the registration of people who work in the European health and fitness industry.

The committee is tasked with developing training standards and appellations for the professions in the European health and fitness industry. In addition, it aims to ensure a high, comparable and standardised level of education, and to support EuropeActive in motivating more people for training at the same time.

A new management team has recently been formed, led by Mr. Julian Berriman. Known as a creative and innovative professional for occupational training, Julian has more than 20 years of experience in the development of nationally acknowledged qualifications and further educational programmes.

He is being supported by his two deputies, Mr. Lazlo Zopcsak (Institute of Wellness and HU REPs) and Ms. Rita Santos (ESDRM, Portugal), both of whom have made major contributions to the success of the Standards Council in the past.

Mr. Ari Langinkoski, who has just joined the team at EuropeActive as the new Marketing and Sales Manager, will also be supporting the work of the new Professional Standards Committee. He was previously manager for international growth at Trainer4You.

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