Advisory panel for bodyLIFE-India


In its second year of publication, bodyLIFE magazine in India continues its endeavour of reporting on, participating in and facilitating the progress of the fitness and wellness industry in the country.

It also seeks to connect all stakeholders in the fledgling industry with each other, so as to form mutually beneficial relationships. These stakeholders are gym owners & managers; trainers & sports specialists; equipment manufacturers/distributors & software developers; nutritionists & dieticians; management consultants & service providers.

In order to optimise the magazine’s strengths and relevance we have formed an Advisory Panel to help the editorial team in the following manner:

  • Ensure relevance of content to all stakeholders;
  • Help gather and disseminate market information;
  • Focus on new concepts and technology;
  • Facilitate the awareness & adoption of good practices;
  • Help build a better educated manpower base for the industry.

It is proposed that the Advisory Panel meet every six months to pitch in with ideas and leads, help the Editor plan for the future, and assess the results of the previous issues of the magazine. Some industry specialists have already contributed articles to this magazine in the past; more will be roped in to do so in future.

Those who have offered to spare their valuable time in this endeavour are:

  • Mr. Chirag Sethi: Director, Classic Fitness Group in New Delhi.
  • Mr. Clifford Manifold: Regional Sales Director (South-East Asia), Precor.
  • Mr. Deckline Leitao: Director-Training for Bangalore-based Vesoma Sports Medicine Centre.
  • Mr. Deepak Dewan: Managing Director of Delhi-based Cardio Fitness.
  • Mr. Rajeev Goenka: CEO of Mumbai-based Better Fitness for You.
  • Mr. Sunil Kudva: Director of Mumbai-based Elite Fitness.
  • Mr. Vikas Jain: Delhi-based Managing Director (India) for Anytime Fitness.


You, dear reader, are also welcome to share your news & views, knowledge & expertise for the benefit of the magazine’s readers from the fitness industry. Email: [email protected]

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