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The ‘Activated Workplace’ combats the sedentary nature of the modern office by integrating movement into a wide range of daily work activities.



Life Fitness has introduced InMovement, a new business division that specialises in workplaces of the future: a range of office furniture and equipment that facilitate the integration of healthy behaviour into the daily work. InMovement refers to its underlying principle as ‘Productive Wellbeing’.

Sitting all day is bad for health and, consequently, the health of any business. A sedentary work life is junk food for the body – and for thousands of office workers who spend all day on the computer, this means that just doing your job can be an unhealthy endeavour.

Recently announced as part of Brunswick Corporation’s fitness and active lifestyle division, InMovement has introduced the ‘Activated Workplace’, a next generation vision that combats the sedentary nature of the modern office by integrating movement into a wide range of daily work activities.

Products and approaches that combine movement and productivity in the office were presented in September 2015, at the Employer Healthcare and Benefits Congress, in Orlando, Florida.
InMovement’s portfolio of workplace furnishings aim to transform how we approach wellness at work today. “At InMovement, we’re building a body of user research and foresight on the future of the healthy workplace,” said Mr. Paul Siebert, director of design and innovation for InMovement.

“We believe that we are at an evolutionary tipping point, where work policies and processes will re-embrace movement to enable sustainable work culture.”

Research & Trials

InMovement has piloted its products and services for more than a year with Fortune 100 companies, law firms, small private businesses and wellness companies looking for new ways to blend wellbeing into the workplace.

Through trials, InMovement has collected user feedback on the ‘Productive Wellbeing’ approach that shows significant increases in energy and productivity, with reductions in stress, pain, discomfort and absenteeism. Employees, who participated in the trials reported increased job satisfaction and an influence on other healthy behaviours as a result of working differently.

“Imagine going to work and actually getting healthier!” said Siebert. “We’re designing products and services that give you the freedom to move more throughout the day and allow employees to prioritize both their health and their work, a concept lost in many modern workplaces.”

Movement is Nature

The TreadMill desk is equipped with a silent motor with speeds that are optimal for walking while working.
The TreadMill desk is equipped with a silent motor with speeds that are optimal for walking while working.

InMovement brings new proprietary research to workplace planning and employee health behaviour. It works with companies to re-engineer their space and culture to address the sedentary nature of the workplace. At the heart of the solution are work tools designed to incorporate subtle movement into an employee’s work habits.

By blending healthy behaviour with daily job functions, InMovement removes barriers to workday movement to create a happier, healthier and more productive business.

InMovement aims to infuse movement into the workday with the Elevate DeskTop Series of standing desks – an assortment of adjustable desktops that give individuals the power to quickly take their current workspace from sitting to standing and back again, with no permanent installation.

“Over time, the sedentary way we work can do serious harm to the body,” said Mr. Gary Hirschel, Vice-President of InMovement, who heads the business. “Simply adding little movements and routine standing breaks into your day is linked to improvements in energy, sleep quality, a reduction of aches and pains and even weight loss.”

Integrated DeskPedals are elliptical steppers that counteract the negative effects of sitting for long hours.

Desktops & Treadmills

The Elevate DeskTop Series of standing computer desks offers four configurations; all designed to instantly retrofit current desks without the requirement of assembly or installation.

Each design includes a high-quality, adjustable-height platform that raises and lowers the work surface so professionals can stand or sit at their discretion. These standing desks offer ergonomic solutions for laptops and desktops, as well as single and dual monitors.

The laptop swivel arm is mounted with a clamp or grommet and adjusts for standing or sitting easily, travelling up 20 inches. It also rotates 360 degrees to share a screen with a co-worker, or to be kept out of the way when not in use.

The DeskTop DT2, engineered with desktop computers in mind, has a keyboard tray that is lower than a traditional standing surface for improved posture and comfort, and retracts when not in use. All of 41 inches across and 26 inches deep, it is available in white, light wood grain or rich, dark wood grain.

The DeskTop DT4 enables quick mobility with an ergonomic, sleek design. Its adjustable arm features an integrated cable management system to keep workstations organized and rotates 180 degrees to share screens with a co-worker.

Backed by 45 years of Life Fitness quality and biomechanics excellence, the InMovement TreadMill desk offers an adjustable, ergonomic experience. It is equipped with a silent motor, speeds that are optimal for walking while working, and a sturdy design ideal for community or individual use. Work while you walk!


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