Training under the open sky

Schumacher Sportcentre, Dubendorf, Switzerland

Stettbach Sportcentre Schumacher is located just outside the city limits of Dubendorf-Zurich, in close proximity to the train station. The brothers, Messrs. Chris and Marc Schumacher, run the centre together, in which open-air training is possible on days on which the weather permits it.




When the temperatures in the Zurich area rise and the sun is shining, members of Sportcentre Schumacher have something special to look forward to, because then it’s time for fitness training under the open sky! “If the weather is nice, we simply slide open our sun roof and our members practically get to work out outdoors,” says Chris.

True to the motto ‘Live your sport’, the owners consider it very important to endow their members with added quality of life, from which they can benefit in terms of health, athleticism and appearance. In doing so, they ensure that fun – even joy  – is at the forefront of their exercise.




In 1979 Mr. Willy Schumacher, the father of the brothers who own the business, opened a tennis centre with 11 courts. At the age of 17, the brothers Chris and Marc Schumacher worked there as tennis instructors. “When the demand for tennis fell off in the early ‘90s, we designed a new concept and integrated fitness training,” says Chris Schumacher.

While he’s mainly focused on the fitness area these days, his brother Marc continues to prioritize the tennis department. Since 1994, members have had access to six tennis courts, 14 badminton courts, three indoor golf courses, two squash courts and a spacious gym, which Chris Schumacher considers to be the centre’s “heart”.

Spread across three floors, members can work on their endurance, strength and coordination.

The cardio area is located in the two upper floors. Here, members can push themselves to their limits using various equipment, manufactured by Life Fitness, Technogym and Precor. In the strength section, the brothers rely on equipment by Life Fitness, while betting on Cybex in all health-oriented training.

In addition to cardio and strength training, group fitness is another important part of the offerings. Each week members may choose from 35 courses, including power yoga, cycling, pump, kickboxing and aero dance.

Health-oriented training also enjoys a very high priority, as evidenced by the integrated physiotherapy practice.The Functional Training Zone offers members the opportunity to work out with a variety of compact equipment and their own body weight.

Relaxation Too



Relaxation-seekers get their money’s worth in the spacious spa area. In addition to the sauna, high quality beauty and massage treatments are also offered. After a sauna visit, members can go straight to the fresh air garden to relax and get some fresh air.

The Schumacher Sportcentre also offers its own integrated cafe, which entices members to stick around after completing their workouts. Members can purchase sportswear and stock up on tennis and badminton accessories in the centre’s own sports shop.

The centre’s motto ‘Live your sport’ is reflected in all that it has to offer. In its “fitter-through-knowledge workshops” the club provides members with background knowledge essential to fitness training.

“It is important that people are informed and know how valuable exercising is and how it can help them improve their quality of life,” says Chris Schumacher.

He, too, is enthusiastic about the federal popular initiative planned by the Swiss fitness and health centre association and he intends to support the project: “It is important that the industry’s key figures cooperate and show people that fitness as a product has an extremely high priority.”


–Vanessa Richter, bodyLIFE-Switzerland


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